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Arlington Heights Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth Injuries are Devastating

Injuries sustained by a child during or after delivery are defined as birth injuries. These types of injuries can range from minor to devastating. When complications arise that deprive the infant of oxygen, or when a medical professional mishandles the delivery, the result can be severe and permanent brain damage.

Infants are more often and more severely affected by birth injuries, but carelessness and negligence during the delivery can result in harm to the mother as well. It is the responsibility of the medical staff in attendance to be aware of any medical condition, infections, or other special circumstances that could cause complications during labor and delivery. Additionally, the doctors and the support team should be prepared for any emergent situation that may arise and utilize the proper protocol to ensure a positive outcome.

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Even during a normal labor and delivery, minor birth injuries can occur due to the strong muscle contractions that push the baby through the birth canal. This trauma can cause the child to suffer some bruising or other minor injuries.

Nevertheless, the most severe birth injuries are caused by medical mistakes and negligence. Unfortunately, these life altering errors often result in debilitating conditions, including permanent brain damage, nerve damage, vision loss, and paralysis.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with the devastation of a birth injury caused by medical error, it is time to reach out to a compassionate Arlington Heights birth injury attorney at Shea Law Group. When the misuse of medical equipment, a delay in ordering a necessary c-section, misdiagnosis of an existing medical condition, or poor monitoring of fetal vital signs has resulted in a severe injury to mother or child, the family is entitled to compensation.

Life-long Consequences

Birth injuries can create permanent, undesirable situations for the injured child and their family, and are unfortunately all too common. When a serious birth injury occurs, family members are often left in a state of denial, barely able to perform day-to-day tasks, let alone think about the costs being incurred. At Shea Law Group, we understand how stressful and devastating these situations can be, and our compassionate Arlington Heights birth injury lawyers are here to help you and your family.

It may be almost impossible to think about what lies ahead during this painful time; however, it is extremely important to work with an attorney who has the experience to understand what type of settlement you and your family will require as you adapt to your new reality. Birth injuries often lead to permanent disability, may require specialized equipment in the home, expensive therapy sessions, and life-long care. These are all issues that need to be addressed before any settlement is finalized.

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At Shea Law Group, our team of birth injury attorneys knows what to expect from the hospitals, insurance companies, as well as their highly-paid attorneys. We have settled hundreds of cases similar to yours and we can help you get your life back on track with a fair settlement. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call 1-877-365-0040 and discuss your situation with one of our legal experts today.