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Assisted Living Facility Lawsuits

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are suited for elderly individuals who can no longer live safely on their own, or patients who require personal medical care and help with completing daily activities. Families trust and depend on the staff in these facilities to take care of their loved ones by helping them to accomplish necessary tasks as well as provide basic medical supervision.

An assisted living facility, or nursing home, is responsible for seeing to their residents’ everyday needs, including things like medication management, bathroom assistance, providing healthy meals, and helping patients to engage in regular amounts of exercise.

Neglect and Abuse

The goal of any assisted living facility is to make sure the residents remain healthy and as comfortable as possible. Caring for them is the number one priority and consists of innumerable responsibilities. However, the staff members at many assisted living facilities find they can easily take advantage of the residents, as a majority of the elderly people living there are completely reliant on the facility’s caretakers. When this happens, residents can suffer from a variety of mistreatments which often lead to physical injuries.

Some injuries cause more harm than others. A burn from a hot stove or scalding water can heal with proper tending, but a broken hip may never mend for an elderly individual despite proper treatment, and can actually lead to death. If the caretakers at an assisted living facility neglect their patients’ needs, offer inadequate care, or purposely abuse them, the results are typically catastrophic.

Some situations which may lead to injury can include incorrect administration of medications, neglecting to help a resident out of bed, neglecting to provide healthy meals, unsupervised bathing, allowing a resident to go up or down stairs unassisted, or not providing water with meals. Such instances can easily cause things like bed sores, choking, starvation, a dramatic decline in overall health, dehydration, burns, and broken bones.

When a resident suffers from a preventable injury or death, the facility is often held accountable because assisted living facilities are directly responsible for their patients’ health. By law, they are required to hire capable employees, monitor conditions of housing and treatment quality, and keep families up to date on their loved ones’ health and happiness. It is also their responsibility to report if a resident’s health is declining, or if they need care the facility can no longer provide, so that new living arrangements can be made for the patient.

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