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Who Can Be Held Responsible for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

There are many types of negligence and abuse that occur within the walls of nursing homes. Injuries can be physical, emotional, and even financial. Often, the vulnerable residents of nursing homes are afraid to speak out against staff members or other residents, for fear of retaliation. Therefore, it is important to carefully observe your loved one during visits, looking for signs of emotional abuse (silence, apprehension, depression, etc.) and physical abuse (bruises, cuts, malnutrition, etc.).

Who Is Responsible? 

Often, family members have a gut feeling that something is not quite right when they visit their loved ones in a nursing home. However, they are not sure how to unearth the facts that would back up their suspicions. Nevertheless, if you believe your family member is suffering neglect or abuse, it is time to act by contacting a Chicago injury lawyer.

A qualified nursing home abuse attorney can help in these types of situations by hiring experts to help determine who is responsible. Claims related to wrongdoing on the part of nurses, nursing aides, dietary staff, or the facility management are all possibilities that need to be investigated thoroughly.

Facility Responsibilities 

When abuse occurs in a nursing home environment, even if it is at the hands of one or two individuals, the facility itself may be liable. This occurs when the abuse can be tied to understaffing, negligent hiring practices, deficient training, breaches of regulatory responsibility, or medication errors.

Because a nursing home oversees a broad scope of responsibilities, (providing shelter, food, medical care, etc.) the facility owes a strict “duty of care” to its residents. If it can be determined that the facility failed their responsibility at any point in the staffing process, or if a contractor hired by the nursing home abused a resident, the facility may be held liable for all damages.

Other Parties That May be Held Responsible

Not all injuries sustained in a nursing facility are necessarily categorized as abuse. For instance, if a resident becomes injured using a particular piece of equipment, the manufacturer, or the contractor responsible for the maintenance of that equipment may be liable for the damages.

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