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Chicago Auto Accidents

Chicago is a world-class city, drawing new businesses and residents from all over the country. As our population increases, so does the traffic. With increasing numbers of motorists filling the roadways in and around the city, daily vehicular accidents are inevitable.

You may have experienced a minor fender-bender or two during your lifetime and don’t really think too much about being involved in a more serious accident. In fact, you may never need to call on our experienced legal team. However, if you or someone you love is seriously injured or dies due to an auto accident, you will need a highly-skilled Chicago accident lawyer you can trust.

Be Prepared

When you leave your home or place of employment and head off to your next destination, the furthest thing from your mind is being involved in any kind of accident. Consequently, when it does happen, you will most likely be caught completely off-guard. Feelings of disbelief, anger, and confusion are common—especially if you or someone you care about is badly hurt, or the crash involves a fatality.

Everyone purchases automobile insurance never expecting to utilize it. The same might be said for reaching out to our experienced legal team at Shea Law Group. During the immediate aftermath of a serious accident, attending to the injured is everyone’s priority. However, this is also a crucial time for collecting evidence that will be used to determine fault. Consequently, it is very important to consult with one of our knowledgeable Chicago auto accident attorneys as soon as possible.

We Understand the Process

If you have never had to deal with this type of situation, you may be unsure of how to proceed. Insurance companies want you to settle as quickly as possible and that may not be in your best interest. You should seek reputable legal advice before signing any papers or agreeing to any type of settlement.

When you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to an automobile accident, you may not be fully aware to the consequences of that injury for quite some time. Additional medical care, therapy, long-term care, or home modifications may be necessary in the future. Furthermore, if someone you love has died from their injuries, the consequences can be devastating to your entire family. At Shea Law Group, we have handled hundreds of auto accident claims and we understand how difficult these situations can be.

By reaching out to us, you can concentrate on healing, both physically and emotionally. We will make sure that you receive compensation that will take care of your financial needs now and into the future. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way—making it easier for you to achieve the positive outcome you deserve.

Quality Representation by Chicago Auto Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Illinois, reach out to us at (877)-365-0040 to receive your free, no-obligation consultation. It is always best to speak with us first, no matter whose fault you think it was. Insurance companies have teams of highly skilled attorneys working hard to save them money—you need quality representation to make sure they pay their fair share.

Of course, no one plans to be involved in or to cause an accident—it just happens. Nevertheless, if you have experienced this unfortunate event, it’s time to call on our dedicated Chicago auto accident attorneys at Shea Law Group.