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Improperly Loaded Trucks

Truck Safety

Due to their enormous size and significant weight, commercial trucks and tractor trailers cause more damage than other vehicles when they are involved in any type of motor vehicle accident. In addition to these inherent dangers, many trucks carry extra-large loads, sometimes weighing tens of thousands of pounds, which when improperly secured, pose additional dangers on the roadways. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys want to help explain the dangers.

Improperly Secured Cargo

Truck cargo that has not been loaded and secured properly may break loose or shift while in transit. This type of cargo shift is capable of throwing a large truck off balance, resulting in an accident. Trucks are less stable than passenger vehicles to begin with, due to their high center of gravity. When cargo shifts abruptly, it can cause the driver to lose control of the truck and crash.

The two most common types of truck accidents precipitated by a cargo shift are rollovers, in which the truck falls onto its side, and jackknife accidents, where the trailer and cab slide toward each other, folding like a pocketknife. When a truck loses control, any other motorists or pedestrians in the area may be harmed. When an out-of-control truck rolls or skids across a crowded highway, enormous loss, including severe, life-altering injuries and death may occur.

Cargo Spills

Another risk of improperly secured cargo is that it may spill or break free from the truck, obstruct traffic, or cause an accident. When a piece of unsecured cargo falls from a truck onto another vehicle, the result is often catastrophic.

Drivers of trucks that transport hazardous materials or tanker trucks may be required to have extra training. Tanker trucks have the highest center of gravity of any type of commercial truck, and may easily overturn if the driver rounds a curve too quickly, causing the liquid to shift. Additionally, when this type of truck is involved in a crash, and the tank is compromised, the spill itself may contain hazardous materials which may cause serious injury.

Confer with a Dedicated Chicago Truck Accident Attorney

In some cases, a truck’s loss of cargo can be readily identified as a significant causative factor in a crash. However, when a rollover or jackknife accident occurs, the trucking company will likely argue that the cargo shift happened because of the crash, and was not the cause of the crash. Other accidents may require independent investigation by knowledgeable analysts. Explaining the crash itself may require the assistance of experts in mechanical design and automotive accident reconstruction.

If you or someone you care about has been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer, or any type of large truck, it is important to engage an experienced Chicago truck accident attorney as quickly as possible. Evidence necessary to make a case may be lost or destroyed if it is not secured promptly, which often requires a court order. Securing legal help ensures you have an advocate on your side before the trucking company or their insurance carrier contacts you to settle your claim.

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