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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Never Expected, Often Devastating

When you think about it, we really do put a great deal of trust in our fellow human beings. Getting in the car and driving down the highway alongside thousands of people you have never met, having a recommended surgery that entails general anesthetic to be administered by someone you hardly know, and letting your children play with toys that have been safety tested by strangers half-way across the country are all examples of how much faith we place in other people.

As individuals, we have interactions with others, or the products they produce, on a daily basis—and everything usually goes as planned for the most part. However, with each interaction, we are relying on another person or persons to do what they are expected to do, creating a tentative bond between us. When that bond is broken, and you or someone you love is seriously injured or killed due to another’s carelessness or inattention to detail, it can be devastating.

When to Contact a Reputable Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you care about has sustained an injury or even died due to a defective product, medical malpractice, workplace hazard, or another avoidable situation, you should speak with an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer right away. There are several reasons, but first and foremost, insurance companies have some of the best attorneys on retainer simply to make sure that the responsible parties don’t necessarily have to pay for their mistakes.

Furthermore, you may not realize how much this injury will actually impact your life and the lives of your family members. We have extensive experience in these type of cases and can help you determine what your future needs might be. When you call on our compassionate and highly-skilled legal team at Shea Law Group, you can rest assured that we will do all we can to make sure you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.

Unexpected Consequences

In addition to your physical and emotional suffering, the financial burden of a serious injury can be significant. You may have to stop working for an extended period of time, or you may never be able to return to the type of work you did prior to your injury. You or your loved one may need long-term care, home modifications, or continued medical treatment and therapy.

The consequences of someone else’s negligence may impact you and your family for the rest of your lives. At Shea Law Group, our Chicago personal injury attorneys will help you determine what the unexpected future consequences might be, and fight for a settlement that will alleviate your financial stress, now and in the future.

Chicago Injury Lawyers who Know the Ropes

After you or someone you care about has been injured, the last thing you are probably thinking about is documenting evidence and filing a claim. That is why it is vital to enlist the help of a Chicago personal injury lawyer who knows the system. At Shea Law group we will take care of the details, make sure you file the necessary paperwork on time, help attain and preserve medical records, and let you concentrate on getting well.

If you are still in the hospital, recuperating at home, or it is simply too difficult for you to come into our offices, we will be happy to come to you. Give us a call at (877)-365-0040 and speak with one of our Chicago personal injury attorneys. You have nothing to lose, and we can and will help you collect the compensation you are entitled to as well as preserve your financial future. We have fought for hundreds of families just like yours and we are ready to assist you in any way we can.