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Construction Site Fatalities

A Dangerous Profession

Approximately 5% of Americans work in the construction industry; however, 17% of all workplace fatalities occur on construction sites. This disproportionate fatality rate represents the largest number of fatalities reported for any industry sector. Despite the inherent dangers, many workers enjoy their jobs and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Unfortunately, more than three out of every one-hundred-thousand construction workers will not make it home from work this year.

Preventable Deaths

Almost everyone who sets foot on a construction site understands the inherent dangers of their workplace. However, many accidents are caused by careless disregard for safety regulations or faulty equipment. When someone you love is injured and dies while working on a construction project, you should enlist the services of an experienced Chicago construction injury lawyer as well as a dedicated Chicago wrongful death attorney to help you find out what happened.

There are, of course, many accidents that occur that cannot be foreseen or reasonably prevented. Conversely, there is no reason anyone should accept preventable deaths in the workplace. An accident due to negligence or carelessness on someone else’s part should not be ignored and your family member should not be blamed for someone else’s mistake just because they can no longer speak for themselves.

In addition to the grief and sorrow you are now feeling, you will have the compounded stress of financial worries—especially if the deceased person was the main breadwinner for your family. This is another important reason to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

A Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

Losing someone you love in any type of accident is like stepping into a nightmare from which you cannot awaken. When you find out that the accident could have been prevented if someone had just checked a safety harness or followed regulations, but chose not to, it makes it all the more difficult. No matter what the apparent cause of the accident, your loved one would want you to find out the truth.

If someone you care about has died due to an accident on a construction site, and you are unsure of how to proceed, you should consult with an expert legal firm in Chicago. It can be impossible to think clearly at a time like this, and a dedicated and compassionate Chicago wrongful death attorney from Shea Law Group can help you understand your rights. Contact us to book your free consultation to discuss your case. You will not pay a penny unless we win a settlement for you.