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    Dog Owner Behavior That Breeds Aggressive Dogs

    Published on April 25th, 2013

    States and municipalities are increasingly adopting laws that assign dog owners full legal responsibility for their dog’s behavior. In strict liability situations, victims of any personal injury inflicted by a dog, including dog bites, are entitled to legal compensation by the animal’s owner. As this article explains, many dog owners inadvertently encourage aggressive behavior in their pets.

    Insufficient Exercise

    According to Cesar Milan of the National Geographic show “Cesar’s Way,” a lack of adequate exercise is at the root of most behavioral problems exhibited by aggressive dogs. As with humans, exercise allows animals to burn off excess energy and maintain a state of psychological well-being. Without sufficient exercise, dogs can become restless, frustrated, and aggressive.

    Owner Permissiveness

    The best pet owners establish boundaries, rules, and limitations in their puppy’s earliest developmental stages. Before purchasing or adopting a dog, owners must perform due diligence to research their breed. For example, to control a naturally strong and powerful dog such as a pit bull, Rottweiler, or Mastiff, an owner must step into the role of a dog’s “pack leader.” That means earning your dog’s trust, loyalty, and respect before your pet will consider you to be stronger and abide by your rules for good behavior.

    Learned Aggression

    If an owner fails to step into the “pack leader” role, a dog will adopt that role himself. If he senses a threat to his “pack” from an outsider, he may attack or bite—regardless of whether the outsider is a small child, a friend, or a relative. When the dog is naturally strong and powerful, the situation can escalate into a serious threat in a matter of seconds.

    Because Illinois is a strict liability state, a dog’s owner is liable for any injury his or her pet inflicts on another person, regardless of negligence. The expert dog bite lawyers at the Shea Law Group have more than 60 years of experience pursuing compensation for the pain and suffering that victims of this personal injury endure. If you live in the greater Chicago area, call (888) 529-4185 today for a free consultation.


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