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Fatal Accidents

Illinois 2014 Fatal Accident Statistics

In 2014 there were 296,049 car accidents resulting in 84,652 injuries and 924 deaths, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. The greatest number of fatal crashes occurred on Sundays with 65 crashes in urban locations and 99 crashes in rural locations. 55.5% of all fatal crashes occurred between 4:00 PM – 4:00 AM, with 47.8% of these crashes occurring on urban roadways. It is crucial to team with an experienced attorney to receive the compensation you deserve, if your loved one has been involved in a fatal accident.

Have You Lost A Loved One In A Fatal Accident?

Families that have lost a loved one in a car accidents are often times overwhelmed and at a loss for how to deal with the legal issues at hand. As if the grieving process is not hard enough, you have to deal with the financial future of your family. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers, will be able to assist you in holding negligent parties responsible to seek justice for your loved one.

There are several important considerations to protecting the rights of a fatal car accident victim’s family. It is crucial to secure all records regarding the accident with yourself or your attorney shortly after the accident. As time passes, memories can fade, and some witnesses to the accident may not remember. It is vital that your attorney have the ability to interview these witnesses shortly after the incident. Because fatality claims are serious and can result in the recovery of a substantial amount of money, insurance companies will try to protect themselves and the responsibility in the accident. Do not fight insurance companies alone. Our lawyers are well versed in how to deal with aggressive insurance companies.

Shea Law Group Can Help You Get Proper Compensation

Losing a loved one in a fatal accident is absolutely devastating. No amount of compensation will every bring your loved one back. However, at Shea Law Group we have the necessary experience to help you evaluate your case and determine how much compensation you should receive. Compensation will not help heal the pain of losing a loved one but it will bring negligent persons responsible and help with the expenses that arise when a fatal accident has occurred. This includes recovering compensation from medical expenses and lost wages that would have been earned by you or your loved one.

We represent families of loved ones involved in fatal accidents in Chicago, Naperville, Rockford, and Elgin, as well as Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At Shea Law Group we handle all types of fatal accidents including car, truck, bus, train, motorcycle, and boats. If you are in need of a Chicago accident lawyer in any of these areas, contact Shea Law Group. Call 1-877-365-0040 for a free consultation today.