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Funeral Home and Mortuary Negligence

Losing a loved one is a very difficult experience. Death is a painful reality of life that no one likes to think about or encounter. When someone we know and love passes away, everyone close to us is affected. Saying goodbye to them is a crucial aspect of healing and moving on, which emphasizes the importance of reliable funeral home and mortuary services.

Whether the deceased is going to be buried or cremated, it is the duty of the funeral home or mortuary to prepare the body and tend to it properly. Unfortunately, however, these businesses, just like any other, occasionally demonstrate serious neglect.

A few examples of improper conduct include failure to properly embalm, inadequate storage (i.e. failing to refrigerate remains), mixing of ashes in cremation services, burial mix up, stealing of organs or valuable dental fillings, or tending only to the areas of the body which will be visible during the service.

The Consequences

Such transgressions in the funeral business can lead to severe distress for an already grieving family. When funeral home or mortuary professionals treat the body of a loved one in an unethical manner, mourners and family members are often devastated and suffer undue emotional distress.

It is your right as a human being to expect family members’ deaths to be dealt with in a dignified manner. In order to show respect to a human life, proper arrangements must be made and carried out. It is the duty of those who operate funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, and mortuaries to handle death with the utmost care and respect, from the moment a body arrives at their establishment to the burial or cremation. However, this is not always the case.

For example, a person’s dying wish was to be cremated, and the family wants to keep their ashes, but some crematories might mix ashes of one person with another, or even switch the deceased’s remains with someone else’s by mistake. This type of careless mistake can cause great distress for the family.

Unfortunately, the threat of legal action does not always stop perpetrators from negligent conduct, but it can provide compensation to those who have suffered as a result.

When it Happens to You

If you or someone you know has suffered emotional or psychological distress because your loved one’s death was handled improperly by the operators of a funeral home, crematory, cemetery, or mortuary, contact Shea Law Group to speak to a Chicago personal injury lawyer. You have a right to compensation.

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