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    How to Prevent a Dog Bite

    Published on December 27th, 2011

    Though dogs are mostly kind, loveable creatures, all of them have the potential to bite a human under certain circumstances. Children, the most common victims of dog bites, have to be especially careful.

    In this short video from the American Veterinary Medical Association, we learn how to be safe around dogs. After Dr. Ron DeHaven shares some chilling dog bite statistics, dog bite victim Kelly Voigt shows us how to safely interact with a strange dog using the WAIT method.

    If you or your child ever suffers from a dog bite, contact Shea Law Group right away. You shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of an irresponsible dog owner—our experienced attorney can provide you with expert legal representation and get you the compensation you need. For more information, call us at (773) 365-0040.


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