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How to Receive Compensation after a Truck Accident

Published on March 15th, 2014

Truck accidents are often more fatal than regular vehicular accidents. The size of semi-trucks means that most people who get into a crash often suffer from severe injuries that may result in a fatality. If you’ve recently gone through a truck accident, you may have numerous medical bills piling up. With the probability of future medical treatments, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to afford your medical care. Hiring a Chicago truck accident attorney is one solution to getting the compensation you need.

Why Hire an Attorney?

If the truck driver or the trucking company is at fault for your accident, you will need help building a case. Your attorney will look at all of the facts and determine which steps to take. If the accident was caused by faulty equipment on the truck and the trucking company is responsible for truck maintenance, than the lawyer will file a claim against the company. If the truck driver was driving erratically because he was on his mobile phone or under the influence, the lawyer may file a claim against the company and the driver. These cases are often too complex for the average person to take on alone, so hiring a Chicago truck accident attorney is imperative.

Burden of Proof

When you file a claim, you have the burden of proof to prove you deserve compensation. In accident cases, presenting detailed medical records is often the key to winning your case. You need to show the judge that the accident caused injuries that require substantial medical care and will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in doctor bills. If you’re suing for pain and suffering, you will need to prove that the accident was life changing and you deserve compensation for the amount of pain and suffering you undergo as a result of the accident.

Working with a Chicago truck accident attorney makes the process of gathering evidence and presenting it to the court much easier. Your attorney will communicate with medical professionals to gain access to your records and insure that everything you need for your claim is submitted on time. He or she will also speak with witnesses to the accident and procure police records. With so many facets of a lawsuit, it’s best to hire an attorney to avoid making a mistake that could cost you your case.

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