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How to Spot an Unsafe Swimming Pool Environment

Published on November 23rd, 2011

It is very important to remember that the design of your pool could be a safety hazard.  Also, it is essential to make sure and keep up with your pool maintenance so that the children and adults are safe. Any pool space should always be relatively clean and free of debris, but there are also some more specific features to look for around the pool the next time you visit a community, public, or residential pool. Here are some potential hazards around the water:

1.      Faulty pool decking: There should be a deck surrounding the entire pool that is wide enough to serve as a multi-directional walkway. Ideally, the decking will be heat resistant and have a non-slip surface. Pool decks made from tile or flagstone are among the most problematic materials, as they can be very slippery when wet. Be aware of any cracks or sharp corners present on the deck.

2.      No shallow swimming areas: It is important for young swimmers to have a shallow space where they can stand with their heads above the water. There may be an extended step in the pool that is about 2 feet deep, while other pools are designed with a beach-style entry, making for plenty of shallow space for young ones to enjoy.

3.      Inadequate fencing: Children are invariably curious; an unfenced pool can seem like a welcoming environment to play. Any pool should be surrounded by a fence that is at least 4 ft. tall with no footholds for climbing or other easy access points that children may find. The gate should be self-latching with a latch that is out of a child’s reach.

4.      Lack of supervision: Whenever children are in the pool, there should always be an adult present to ensure the safety of young swimmers. Even highly experienced swimmers should be watched by an adult because of the high rate of drowning related incidents that occur each year.

If your or a loved one has experienced an accident due to improperly maintained swimming facilities, then you are entitled to compensation. Shea Law Group specializes in helping personal injury victims defend their rights. To discuss your case, call (773) 365-0040.



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