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If Hit by a Vehicle Cyclist Could Have Possible Injuries | Shea Law Group

Published on July 12th, 2011

There are many injuries that can be sustained in a bicycle accident involving another vehicle.  If any of these injuries occur, after seeking medical attention, you may want to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Regardless of the seriousness, a personal injury could help you get the compensation you deserve.  Here are some common injuries cyclists may have if hit by a vehicle that a personal injury lawyer may be able to help with.


Whiplash is the sudden distortion of the neck often as a result of sudden impact.  Being hit by a vehicle could easily create a case of whiplash.  If you experience any symptoms of whiplash after a bike accident, including neck pain, back pain, tingling or prickling in the arms or limbs, etc., then you should contact a doctor as well as a personal injury lawyer.

Wrist and Hand Injury

When hit to the ground by a vehicle, a human’s natural reaction is to break their fall with their hands.  This can result in wrist and hand injuries, including sprained, fractured, broken, or shattered bones that can often create permanent damage.  It is also possible to have rocks and debris lodged under the skin from the impact.  Wearing wrist guards or gloves can help prevent damage, but there is little that can be done to prevent it entirely.

Head Injuries

Wearing a helmet is crucial while riding a bike.  Even though there are certain extreme circumstances that will still result in injury, wearing a helmet will reduce the severity of the injury and better prevent fatal injuries.  Head injuries for cyclists may range from concussion to fatality depending on the magnitude of the event.  It is easy for a cyclist to incur severe injury to the head if hit by a vehicle.

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