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Injuries to Children

Negligent Parties in Childhood Injuries Should Be Held Responsible

Bumps and bruises are a normal part of children growing up. Between accidents on the playground or around the house, every child has had their share of minor accidents. Not all childhood accidents are minor bumps and bruises. Serious accidents involving children can lead to heartbreaking injuries that disable a child to walk, talk, or see. Everyday, children in Illinois are injured or killed because of the actions or negligence of other people or corporations. If you believe your child has endured serious injuries on behalf of a negligent party, contact She Law as soon as possible to get the representation you deserve.

Common Types of Childhood Accidents

Whether a child’s injury is caused by a negligent or careless physician, a defective child product, automobile accident, any party who injuries a child should be held accountable for their actions. Children are at high risk of injuries including those caused by:

Consequences of Childhood Accidents

In worst case scenarios, these accidents can lead to death or severe disability. Generally, anyone under the age of 18 can not file a lawsuit without the help of their parental guardian. Child personal injury lawsuits can deal with extraordinary costs that may be involved with the care of the injured child through their maturity. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see a child suffer an injury that can disable them to walk, talk, or see. When a child dies in an accident, the pain and suffering their parents feel is immeasurable. It is important to understand your child rights and hold responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions.

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