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Manufacturing Defects

Negligence in Production

When an individual is injured while using a product, it is often because the product malfunctions. This is usually due to an error that has occurred during the production stage. The most common reasons for manufacturing errors are the use of inadequate, cheap materials and/or negligent behavior.

The creator of any product is responsible to ensure the products they place on the market are safe, and the manufacturer must be vigilant in overseeing the production process. When manufacturers choose to cut corners and allow careless mistakes to take place, injured consumers have not only a right, but a responsibility to hold the manufacturer responsible.

Examples of Manufacturing Defects

Unfortunately, manufacturing defects are not at all rare. As most people well know, it seems like there are dozens of recalls for various products every year-and those are the ones we happen to hear about. These recalls are put into place to reduce the damage caused by defective products, however, they often come too late. By the time a recall is instituted, others have already been harmed or injured. That is why it is so important for manufacturers to thoroughly test and inspect their products before they are released.

Some examples of manufacturing defects include:

  • The use of harmful chemicals during the production process
  • Use of substandard materials, or the wrong materials
  • Incorrectly installing electrical circuitry or wiring
  • Sloppy or erroneous construction

Each of these examples can lead to serious injury and even death. That is why anyone who markets a product to the public has a responsibility to ensure their products are manufactured with care and are safe for use.

Shea Law Group Lawyers

Even though manufacturing defects are common, these cases can be difficult to prove. It is the plaintiff’s responsibility to show that something was wrong with the product, and this can be extremely hard to do if the product is seriously damaged or destroyed during the accident.

At Shea Law Group, we know what to look for in these types of cases and how to prove the product was incorrectly manufactured. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers have handled hundreds of claims involving manufacturing defects, and they can help you.

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