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Milwaukee Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Lawyer

An Aging Population

As our population ages and baby boomers move into assisted living, it’s more important than ever to make sure nursing homes are following regulations and are held accountable for any neglect or abuse. About 1.3 million elderly Americans live in nursing homes with the number estimated to increase as our population ages and life expectancy increases.

Experiencing Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home residents are afforded rights and protections under the law, rights to care, dignity, respect, and information. Unfortunately, nursing homes and their employees too often violate these rights. The elderly are some of the most vulnerable in our society, which opens them up to mistreatment by the people and institutions that are supposed to take care of them. If you or someone you love is experiencing nursing home neglect and abuse you should take immediate action to find an experienced lawyer to stop their suffering and fight for fair compensation.

Milwaukee Lawyers

Elderly neglect and abuse incidents are grossly underreported, minimizing the very real elderly abuse problem we have in this country. These types of cases are tricky to approach because they often involve parties who are not on even footing. An individual, say a family member of the victim, up against a business like nursing home, is bound to be at a disadvantage for money and resources. That’s why the Milwaukee nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers at Shea Law Group are dedicated to fighting for fair and dignified treatment and compensation for you or your loved one.

Shea Law Group Helping Milwaukee Residents

At Shea Law Group, we believe no nursing home should put their business interests before the interests of their residents. Nursing homes have a professional and ethical obligation to provide proper care, respect, dignity, and information to the elderly, otherwise, face the consequences. Victims of nursing home neglect and abuse have the opportunity to receive compensation for abuses suffered.

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The lawyers at Shea Law Group will aggressively pursue your case so that you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve and ensure that those violators will not harm another person again. Institutions need to be held responsible for their negligent actions, both for the good of the individual and society as a whole. Shea Law Group takes this responsibility to defend and protect its clients very seriously and will aggressively pursue every legal avenue to make sure they receive justice.

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