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Premises Liability Law Milwaukee

Premises liability law is a broad legal concept often used during personal injury cases. The theory behind the law holds property owners and residents liable for any accidents or injuries that occur on their property. Proving the case, however, is not nearly as simple as the theory would suggest. This is why you need an experienced and competent Milwaukee premises liability lawyer to represent you and your case. Many types of personal injury cases fall under the broad spectrum of premises liability. Your lawyer will determine how your case is categorized and the specific requirements it must meet to be awarded compensation. Here are a few common kinds of premises liability cases:

What Our Lawyers Can Do For You

Most people are not lawyers, nor are they intimately familiar with laws themselves. Put simply, you give your case the best possible chance of success by hiring a premises liability lawyer to represent you. A lawyer will help you fill out all the necessary documentation of the accident or injury and establish who was at fault, to what degree, and the appropriate compensation due.

Wisconsin statutes take on an older interpretation of premises liability law. Instead of obligation to all persons, Wisconsin’s law determines the landowner duties to responsibility according to the status of the person injured or involved in an accident.

  • Trespassers: a private landowner only has the duty to not cause intentional harm or willful injury
  • Invitees (individuals with expressed permission from landowner to enter): a private landowners duties fall under ordinary care
  • Licensees (social guests): landowner is liable if the injury is caused by a trap on the property or active negligence.

Note that a higher standard of responsibility is imposed on business owners under Wisconsin’s Safe Place Statute.

Shea Law Group Lawyers

If you have been injured or involved in an accident on property owned by someone else, call a Milwaukee premises liability lawyer at Shea Law Group right away. We’ve handled many different kinds of cases and it’s likely we have experience in the kind of premises liability claim you are making. Our responsibility to our clients is to minimize the pain and suffering caused by the accidents and to seek fair compensation owed to you under the law. Don’t hesitate to call us. The sooner you file your claim the smoother the process will be and the quicker you’ll receive just compensation. Our Chicago personal injury lawyer is here to help.