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Nursing Home Malnutrition

When an elderly relative is admitted to a nursing home, the family expects quality care and consideration. This includes administering necessary medication and assistance with everyday activities and physical necessities, such as going up the stairs and using the bathroom.

Therefore, it is part of the nursing home’s responsibility to make sure every patient receives daily meals with the proper vitamins and minerals, as well. Unfortunately these needs are not always met properly by staff members, and residents can fall victim to severe abuse or neglect from the very people responsible for taking care of them.

Severe Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Dehydration

When proper care is not administered in a nursing home, there can be horrific consequences for the patients. Dietary negligence or abuse can result in elderly individuals suffering from malnutrition, which can include dehydration, severe weight gain, or weight loss.

Severe weight loss is unfortunately a common concern in nursing homes. It is often the result of neglect or intentional abuse, which may cause decreased immunity, weakness, dizziness, low blood sugar, broken bones and other health related problems. Weight records done in the home may be fraudulent, keeping patient malnutrition a secret until it is too late to reverse the problem.

Severe weight gain is another concern for elderly patients. A dramatic increase in weight over a short period of time can be a sign of negligence, such as not paying attention to what the patient is eating. Abuse may include forced eating or serving non-nutritious meals.

Dehydration is yet another unfortunate result of malnutrition found in nursing homes. This can be caused by intentional meal deprivation, or paying little or no attention to what/if the patient is eating. Dehydration can cause weakness, illness, infections, and even death. Certain symptoms of dehydration can be apparent dementia, bedsores, dry skin, sunken eyes, rapid breathing, dry mouth, and kidney failure.

The unfortunate reality is that these issues are typical outcomes of abuse and neglect for those residing in nursing homes. They can each result in dangerous medical problems and death if not addressed in time. Nursing homes are paid well to take care of their patients. They are, however, often staffed with inexperienced and untrained caretakers. This all too frequently means that the people living under their care, and their families, suffer needlessly.

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