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Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys

Seek Help From Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers For Your Injuries

A personal injury often occurs when you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. At Shea Law Group, we work with our clients to prove the fault of the other person and ensure they get the proper compensation for their injuries. This compensation relies heavily on our ability to prove fault and help you show the court why you deserve financial assistance because of those injuries.

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Know What You Deserve

Every personal injury case is different. For this reason, we work hard to help you determine what the proper compensation should be. For instance, many people recognize the person at fault is liable to pay for medical bills and repair costs, if applicable. However, our experienced attorneys can help you obtain more than that. If your injury kept you from working, we can help get compensation for time off work or the difference in your pay due to light duty. The judge may also offer financial compensation for other reasons as well. We can help you make the best choices to get the maximum settlement possible.

SHEA LAW GROUP – Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Is On Your Side

When you choose to work with our personal injury lawyers, you can count on the personalized service you deserve. We work hard to make sure your case goes as smoothly as possible. We understand the various feelings you are going through with your personal injury and want you to focus on getting better. If you are under a lot of stress, your body won’t be able to heal as it should so you can get back to your regular life. Our personal injury team can help you handle all aspects of the case so you can put your focus on healing.

Speed Is a Factor With Your Personal Injury Case in Chicago

When it comes to personal injury cases, speed is a factor. In many cases, the burden of proof is much easier to fulfill when you hire experienced attorneys to start working on your case right away. This is why we encourage our clients to come to us as soon as possible after their injury occurs. The earliest we can start working on your case, the easier it will be to obtain the outcome you are looking for. For this reason, we can even come to your home or hospital room so you can start dealing with your case as early in your recovery process as possible.

Count on SHEA LAW GROUP – Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys For Help

We don’t want you to go through a personal injury case on your own. Our experienced attorneys are waiting to provide the assistance you need. We can help you understand the process and make the right decisions to ensure success for your case.

If you have been injured in an accident, turn to us for a Chicago personal injury lawyer who cares.

We don't get paid until you do

The attorneys at SHEA LAW GROUP aggressively pursue every avenue to ensure you are properly compensated for your pain, suffering, or loss as soon as possible. Our representation costs nothing until you are compensated for your injuries.

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