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Product Liability Lawyer Hoffman Estates

Product Liability

If you are injured due to a faulty or unsafe product, you may be eligible to file a product liability claim to recover medical expenses, loss of wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. The responsibility for a defective product rests with everyone who helped to bring it to market—from the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer, to anyone who provided components for the finished product.

Reputable Lawyer in Hoffman Estates

When you or someone you care about has been injured by an unsafe or defective product, you should seek out a reputable product liability attorney in Hoffman Estates. At Shea Law Group, our highly-skilled Chicago injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve a favorable result for you and your family. Rely on our legal team to work aggressively to obtain the settlement you are entitled to, as we have earned a reputation for excellence by winning significant awards for our clients.

Shea Law Group—Attorneys in Hoffman Estates

Whether it is an appliance, an electronic item, prescription drugs, food, or any other item that has caused you harm, it is important to select an attorney who has extensive experience in the field of product liability. Our dedicated lawyers at Shea Law Group have been handling product liability lawsuits with extraordinary success for many decades and our legal team is highly respected throughout the Chicagoland area.

Legal Representation in Hoffman Estates

Manufacturers are often subsidiaries of multi-million dollar corporations, as are many retailers. These entities have the finest legal minds they can find working to save them money by reducing product liability settlements, among other things. That is why it is imperative for you to acquire expert legal representation when you have been injured by a defective or unsafe product. You need an experienced product liability lawyer on your side to ensure you obtain the settlement you justly deserve.

Shea Law Group—Hoffman Estates—We Can Help

We understand that the physical, emotional, and financial damage caused by a defective or unsafe product can be considerable. After an injury, it may be quite a while before you are able to return to work and meanwhile, the medical bills keep piling up. Our dedicated product liability attorneys at Shea Law Group will work diligently to obtain the settlement you deserve. We are ready to help you during this very difficult time. Call and book a free consultation and let’s see what we can do for you.