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When You Should Reach Out to an Accident Attorney

When you or someone close to you becomes injured, your first priority will be to get the best medical treatment possible. Nevertheless, if the injury is the result of any type of accident, you must also think about your legal rights.

Often when injuries are sustained in a vehicular accident, those involved will rely on their insurance companies to handle everything. If you are seriously injured, this may be a mistake. Serious injuries may take years to heal, and you may incur more medical bills than you planned on. Additionally, some injuries can be life-altering, requiring the patient to seek full-time assistance and have specialized equipment. Only an experienced Chicago accident attorney has the knowledge to help you protect your financial future in this type of situation.

Other types of accidents, including slip and fall injuries and those that involve defective products, are further examples of situations that may require expert legal advice. After all, you may be seriously injured once or twice in your lifetime; a knowledgeable Chicago accident attorney sees hundreds of cases similar to yours and understands what type of financial burden may be placed on you and your family.

Be Wary of Others’ Advice

You may hear comments now and again about how unnecessary accident attorneys are-how lawyers are only out to make money, and that no one needs an attorney to get money from their insurance company. If you become injured, you will receive even more unsolicited advice. Some people may tell you to steer clear of attorneys, and others may have their lawyer cousin’s card in their pocket. However, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to consult with a dedicated accident attorney right away.

Shea Law Group

If you or someone you love has been injured in any type of accident, you should speak with our compassionate team of Chicago accident attorneys at Shea Law Group. If you listen to less experienced friends and family, you may not reach out to a legal expert until it is too late. The medical bills alone can derail your financial goals. We have handled countless accident cases and we have the experience necessary to help you achieve the settlement you are entitled to.

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