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Shea Law Group has successfully represented many people injured when attacked or bitten by dogs. Joseph Shea has personally represented many victims who have been left with permanent scarring as a result of a dog bite. He has recovered over 2.4 million dollars through settlement, arbitration and/or trial for victims of dog bites. Because of his experience in representing victims of dog bite injuries, Mr. Shea was contacted and interviewed by Chicago Lawyer Magazine (see attached link). In addition, Shea Law Group accepts referrals from other attorneys, both in the Chicago area and beyond.

Tragically, many victims of dogs bites are children whom are too often left with permanent scarring. Because of a child’s size, the bite is often to the child’s face. The recoveries obtained by Shea Law Group often help pay the child’s medical bills and allow for corrective plastic surgery when necessary.

The following is a partial list of some of the recoveries made by Shea Law Group for
dog bite injuries:

$300,000 5-year-old girl suffered a bite to her chest from a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid at trial after jury selection)

$205,000 14-year-old-boy suffered bites and scarring to his left hand from a pit bull

$175,000 23-year-old woman bitten on the palm by a pit bull

$143,000 23-year-old woman bitten on the ear by a German shepherd

$131,000 16-year-old girl bitten on her right arm and forearm by a pit bull

$125,000 6-year-old girl bitten on her scalp by a beagle basset hound

$100,000 10-year-old girl bitten on the face by a husky (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 12-year-old girl bitten on the face by a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 9-year-old girl suffered permanent scarring to her arms and stomach when attacked by a German Sheppard (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 5-year-old boy bitten on his head, left ear, thumb and fingers by a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 4-year-old girl suffered bites and scarring to her cheek and lip by a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid)

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