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Rockford Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Sad Reality Of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

The sad reality of nursing home abuse and neglect has become all-too-prevalent in our society. Our elders are not getting the proper care and respect from staff members of assisted living and nursing homes. The reasons for nursing home abuse run from short-staffed facilities, to a lack of training, to downright negligence. Regardless of the reason for the abuse, there is a sector of our senior population failing to receive the care for which so many families are paying.

What Warrants Abuse?

A number of things may qualify as either abuse or neglect for residents of elderly care facilities. For some, a staff may fail to administer medications correctly resulting in either over or under dosages. For others, nutrition may be an issue. It is not uncommon for residents of these homes to be malnourished or dehydrated or experience extreme fluctuations in their body weight. Negligent medical care as well as medical malpractice or a failure to provide medical care when necessary also warrant abuse, as well as slips and falls or other unjustified injuries.

It isn’t Just Physical

Contrary to what you may think, abuse does not need to leave a physical scar. There are a number of senior citizens being emotionally abused in their residential facilities on a daily basis. Harassment, bullying, and verbal abuse all take their toll on elders in these homes. There is a standard of care that must be met by the staff of nursing homes, and when it is not, action should be taken.

What Can Be Done?

If you or a loved one have fall victim to abuse or negligence in an elderly care facility, call Shea Law Group. Our team of Rockford nursing home abuse lawyers are well-versed in dealing with nursing homes and insurance companies to get victims the justice and the compensation they deserve. We pursue each case to the fullest extent to see that the absolute maximum compensation is awarded.

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