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Schaumburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Every year numerous families living in the Chicagoland region entrust the care and treatment of their elderly loved ones to a nursing home. Regrettably, each year countless elderly persons suffer the consequences of nursing home abuse in facilities where they are supposed to be safe from harm. If you suspect that your aged relative has sustained nursing home abuse, it is time to reach out to the nursing home abuse lawyers at Shea Law Group. We are well aware of the despicable conditions that often exist in some of these nursing homes and we are also knowledgeable about the fact that there are many caregivers who are inappropriately trained and credentialed. We are of the belief that it is never acceptable for nursing homes to place their business and financial interests ahead of the health and safety of the aged residents in their nursing homes. Further, all too frequently, the seniors who have a variety of debilitating physical and/or mental conditions are unable to speak on their own behalf. As a result, the nursing home abuse attorneys at Shea Law Group. will be the voice for the elderly. We are well-known as being leading advocates for the residents of nursing homes and our nursing home lawyers have been extremely successful in dealing with elderly abuse matters including:

  • Unjustified falls or injuries;
  • Physical abuse or emotional abuse;
  • Bed sores and ulcers;
  • Complications caused by failure to provide medication or medical care when required;
  • Severe weight gain or weight loss;
  • Negligent medical care, medical malpractice;
  • Unreasonable restraint;
  • Prescription errors; and
  • Malnutrition and dehydration.

If Schaumburg families discover their elderly relatives have suffered from nursing home abuse, they know to immediately contact the nursing home abuse attorneys at Shea Law Group.

Schaumburg Attorneys

Schaumburg, Illinois is located in Cook County. Schaumburg has approximately 74,227 residents who live there. As with most cities and villages in the Chicagoland area, Schaumburg has hundreds of nursing homes which provide a variety of levels of skilled nursing care. Whenever Schaumburg families are concerned that their older relatives may have been the victim of nursing home abuse, they get in touch with the nursing home abuse lawyers at Shea Law Group as soon as they are able. Our firm has the capacity to proficiently deal with all aspects of nursing home abuse. Also, we are able to steer Schaumburg clients through the court system and help them acquire the most beneficial results possible. Further, our nursing home neglect attorneys are distinguished for securing positive outcomes for Schaumburg victims of nursing home abuse. They will ensure that Schaumburg clients are appropriately compensated for any pain, suffering, or loss they have sustained.

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The attorneys at Shea Law Group have more than six decades of shared experience and we are widely recognized for having the highest level of compassion and understanding for our Schaumburg clients. We are well aware of how nursing home abuse can affect the lives of the most helpless members of our society. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse can be equally detrimental financially, emotionally and physically to both victims and their families. Clients know that our Chicago personal injury lawyers aren’t paid until they are. Therefore, until a client is reimbursed for pain, suffering or loss, our representation costs them nothing. To find out how to receive a FREE consultation from one of our nursing home abuse attorneys, call Shea Law Group at: 1-877-365-0040, today.


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