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Signs You May Need a Lawyer if You’ve Been Involved in a Dog Bite Incident

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If you have suffered a dog bite, you may need to consult an attorney to see if you have grounds to establish a personal injury case. In Illinois, you do not need to prove any element on negligence in order to file a claim against the owner of the pet. Here are some signs to look out for if you are thinking of consulting a personal injury lawyer about a dog bite:

You Needed Medical Help

If the dog left more than just a tiny scratch and you needed stitches or a visit to the doctor to rule out infection, you may need a lawyer. The reason for this is that the owner is liable for any physical pain that the dog caused you. According to the American Humane Association, over 800,000 dog bites require medical care every year, and you are entitled to compensation for your injuries if this happens to you.

You Missed Work To Go To The Doctor

Another cost of a dog bite is missing work to go to the office. Even if you carry health insurance, the monetary costs of recovering from a serious dog bite can add up. By hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle your dog bite case, you can have an experienced professional fight to get you compensation for the financial burden of your injury.

The Dog Owner Has Not Offered to Pay For Your Medical Care

Some dog owners feel guilty about the pain that their pet caused another person and will offer to pay for medical expenses relating to a bite. If this is the case for you, the owner may ask you to sign a contract absolving him or her of civil liability and preventing you from filing a suit in exchange for payment. If this did not happen in your case, call a local personal injury attorney to fight for the compensation you need.

Dog owners should know that they are liable for their pets. Illinois residents who were injured by a dog can sue for damages, even if they cannot prove negligence. If you live in the Chicago area, call Shea Law Group at (773) 365-0040. We can help fight for your just compensation.

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