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Slip and Fall Injuries – Shea Law Group

Published on February 2nd, 2011

You Just Slipped on an Icy Sidewalk and Broke Your Ankle: Who’s at Fault?

When you have been injured due to a bad fall, there are a few scenarios where your pain and suffering can and should be compensated by the property owner. If you fall or are injured due to the neglect or misjudgment of a third party, then a personal injury lawyer might be able to help you receive compensation. An injury lawyer can help argue a case that proves that your pain and suffering was caused by the neglect of the property owner. A personal injury lawyer can help get you the compensation for your pain and suffering that you deserve.

While some instances can be deemed the fault of the owner of the property, other instances do not fall within this realm. Consider these two similar scenarios below:

Slipping in a store parking lot

This is generally the most common type of personal injury case. The store you are visiting has the responsibility to keep their location and property safe for customers. If they knew the parking lot was icy and dangerous and hadn’t done anything to correct the problem (such as salting the parking lot or hiring a snow plow company), then you can very often win a personal injury case with the help of an injury lawyer.

Slipping on ice during a snow storm

Slipping anywhere during a serious snow storm is often not an ideal situation for winning a claims case. The property owner probably knew the area was dangerous, but did not have the time or means to clear the ice while the storm was in progress.

If you have recently suffered a fall and believe that your injuries are due to the neglect of a third party, call the personal injury experts at Shea Law Group. We specialize in injury law and can help you receive the compensation that you deserve for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain or suffering. Besides icy falls, we can also help clients with a dog bite lawyer or auto accident lawyer. Contact our office today to have your case reviewed.


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