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Staying Safe from Personal Injury in the Workplace

Published on September 11th, 2018

Many Americans spend at least 40 hours per week at their workplace, so it is important that there is a safety protocol in place. To avoid needing a Chicago injury attorney for any mishaps that occur in the workplace, take note of the following tips.

Wear the Right Gear

What type of protective gear do you need to wear to stay safe throughout the day? If you are involved in a more laborious job, the proper footwear, headwear and eyewear can make all of the difference when you’re working. If you work at a desk job, make sure that you report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor.

Take Regular Breaks

Working for eight hours straight likely doesn’t mean that you are working to the best of your ability the entire time. Instead, take small breaks throughout the day to make sure that you are not feeling burned out. Get up, stretch, eat, and try to complete the tasks that require the most attention during the morning.

Scope Out Emergency Exits

In the case of an emergency, you may need to quickly exit from your workplace. Make sure that you take the time to scope out the possible escape routes in your workplace that may be necessary in the case of a fire, break-in, or more.

At the Shea Law Group, our Chicago injury attorneys know what it takes to stay safe in the workplace. Please contact us if you feel as though you need professional help regarding personal injury!

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