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Swim Safely this Summer

Published by Joseph Shea

Summertime is rapidly approaching, meaning the start of swimming pool season! Swimming can be a great way to have some fun or get a workout, but it can be dangerous. Shea Law has represented those who have fallen victim to injuries at swimming pools. Swimming pool injuries may be covered under premises liability if the owner of the property does not properly maintain the pool or adequately warn visitors of hazards. If the cause of injury may have been neglect, the injured party likely has a case against the property owner. However, safety is everyone’s responsibility when it comes to swimming pools. Make sure to avoid getting injured at a swimming pool this summer by following these simple tips!

If there are children around…

Children are especially susceptible to injury around pools. Make sure that you keep an eye on children at all times when at a pool. Teach them basic rules such as not to run, not to dive into shallow water, and no rough horseplay. Make sure that children know how to swim before letting them into the pool, and providing safety gear for those who are weaker swimmers such as life vests. Young children should be kept away from drains and other openings as well.

If you are swimming at a public or private pool…

Before you go swimming, make sure all of the necessary elements for safety are present at the pool. Is there a first aid kit somewhere near by? Are there flotation devices readily available? If the pool is public, is there a lifeguard on duty? Avoid pools where safety is not a priority to prevent swimming pool injury.

If you own a pool…

If you own a pool, it is especially important to keep up on best practices for pool safety. You don’t want someone getting injured on your property due to your negligence. Start by checking local ordinances for pool safety requirements and make sure your pool meets them. Next make sure that your pool’s deck and surfaces are nonslip. Your backyard should have a high fence to keep intruders at bay, and the gate should be locked at all times. Make sure to keep your pool cover should be all the way on when you are not using it to avoid others falling in. Keep safety equipment close—such as flotation devices and first aid. Water depths should be marked, and pools with diving boards should be inspected to ensure that they are deep enough.

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