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Tell-Tale Signs that a Dog is Feeling Aggressive Enough to Bite You

Published on February 6th, 2012

Though dogs are domesticated and generally very sweet creatures, many people tend to forget their wild tendencies. If a dog perceives you as a threat, it will protect itself by any means necessary. Here are a few tell-tale signs that a dog is ready to bite:

  • Fidgeting

In certain unfamiliar situations, a dog can feel very stressed. It will likely display this through constant movement and overall nervous behavior. Though this fidgeting may look like playfulness, it’s important that you detect the difference before it ends in a nasty bite. If you do get bit, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Barking/Growling

The clearest sign of a dog’s dissatisfaction is its bark. Although barking is common, you should be particularly careful if a dog’s bark is directed at you. In-between barks, a dog may also growl, showing its teeth in the process. Once you see teeth, it means that the dog is ready to use them, and that you should back off.

  • Ears Laid Back Against the Head

A dog with its ears flat against its head is in attack mode. The fur on its back might also stand up, signifying a state of high agitation. If you see this, it’s important that you back away slowly, and refrain from staring or screaming at the dog. If the dog attacks you, curl up into a ball and protect your face and head.

If you’ve recently had a run-in with a dog, contact Shea Law Group right away. Show irresponsible dog owners that there are consequences for inappropriate animal behavior in order to prevent the dog from claiming other victims. Don’t let a nasty dog bite go unreported—call our office at (773) 365-0040.



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