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Tips to Avoid Getting Into an Accident with a Motorcycle Driver

Getting into an accident with a motorcycle driver is not only unexpected, but also a difficult situation for everyone involved.  To avoid this kind of accident, follow these tips while you’re out on the road:

Always be on the Lookout

Many motorcycle accidents involving an automobile are often the automobile driver’s fault.  This is because it’s remarkably easy to overlook a motorcycle driver—after all, his or her vehicle is much smaller than what you’re used to watching out for.  To avoid an accident, maintain constant vigilance and do the following:

  • Always check your blind spots before merging.
  • Always physically turn your head and check to make sure that a motorcycle is not riding alongside you before merging.
  • Pay extra attention at intersections: We know you’re on the lookout for other cars, but motorcycles turn as well.

Pay Extra Attention at Intersections

The vast majority of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections when automobile drivers don’t notice motorcycle drivers and do not realize that they must yield the right-of-way.  Be especially careful in “uncontrolled” situations, such as:

  • When making a left turn on a green light instead of a turn signal. You must yield to oncoming traffic—so check for oncoming motorcyclists.
  • Merging from a side street onto a main street: Make sure there are no motorcycles coming up on you as you merge.

Remember: An accident that will barely dent your bumper could kill or seriously injure a motorcyclist.  Constant vigilance is vital.

Of course, accidents do occur sometimes due to a variety of factors.  If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident, then you’re going to need a good auto accident lawyer.  Fortunately, there’s Shea Law Group.  Our personal injury attorneys are extremely experienced with all sorts of different cases, including everything from auto injury to dog bite.  To learn more, call (773) 365-0040 today.


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