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Truck Safety in Chicago

Truck Accidents can be Devastating

Traffic accidents involving trucks are some of the most devastating accidents on the roadways. This is due to the fact that tucks are much heavier and larger than other vehicles. Consequently, when they collide, the smaller vehicle and its occupants almost always receives the majority of the damage.

Unfortunately, vehicular collisions are not the only danger that trucks pose to others. In the city, most fatal bicycle accidents are caused by commercial vehicles. This is due to the fact that truck drivers have no way of seeing a bicycle in their blind spot. This is especially dangerous if the bicyclist is to the right of the truck and the driver is making a right turn.

Truck Accidents by Equipment Failures & Malfunctions

In addition to collisions, trucks can also pose a danger due to equipment malfunctions and driver error. For example, there are hundreds of viaducts along the miles of city streets, and many of these structures are not designed for the enormous trucks that travel our streets today. When a driver miscalculates the height of his rig, he may not only damage his trailer beyond repair, but may cause the vehicle behind him to crash into his truck , causing serious injuries to the occupants of the other vehicle.

When it comes to equipment malfunctions, trucks are notorious for various parts, including tire treads, brake pads, and unsecured loads, flying off at highway speeds. When this occurs, every other driver within a quarter mile of the truck is in danger. Additionally, debris strewn on the roadway poses another hazard to unsuspecting motorists.

Increasing Truck Accident Safety

Despite the fact that trucks are involved in many serious accidents, the majority of truck drivers on the road are careful and dedicated to maintaining their rigs in safe condition. Additionally, both state and federal regulatory agencies make sure that drivers have adequate training hours and even more importantly, adequate hours of rest between trips.

Safety is a concern for everyone involved, and many companies and drivers alike do everything they can to reduce accidents. As a pedestrian, bicyclist, or operator of an automobile, you can do your part by always being aware of large trucks and their blind spots when you are near them.

If You Are Involved In Truck Accident In Chicago

If you do find yourself involved in an accident with a truck, despite doing everything right, you may want to reach out to an experienced Chicago truck accident attorney. That is when it is time to call on our highly-skilled legal team at Shea Law Group. We have handed hundreds of accident claims involving trucks and we are standing by to help you. Give us a call at (877)-365-0040 for your free no-obligation consultation.