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Types of Car Accidents

Automobile Accidents in the United States

On average, six million car accidents occur each year in the United States. More than three million people are injured in these accidents, with almost two million of them experiencing some type of permanent injury. Six percent of all automobile accidents involve fatalities—more than 90 people die from being involved in a car accident each day. On the bright side, 72% of all motor vehicle accidents result in property damage only.

Types of Accidents

There are many types of vehicular accidents, ranging from one car accidents to multi-vehicle pile ups. Some of the most deadly accidents occur between large trucks and smaller automobiles. The size differential contributes to the seriousness of the accident, just as it does when a motorcycle encounters a car or SUV.

Another type of accident that often leads to serious injury or death is any accident that involves a pedestrian or bicyclist and an automobile or other motorized vehicle.

Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries that are sustained in automobile accidents can be life-altering. No matter who is at fault, there will be medical bills to pay, rehabilitation to complete, and occasionally, round-the-clock care required for the injured party. These unforeseen consequences can be devastating, physically, emotionally, and financially. That is why it is so important to contact an auto accident attorney before agreeing to any type of settlement.

An experienced lawyer will help you file the necessary paperwork to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Whether it is from another driver’s insurance company or your own, you may have a right to receive reimbursement for your medical costs, as well as compensation for your injuries, loss of employment, and extended care expenses.

Quality Representation by Shea Law Group Auto Accident Lawyers

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Illinois, give us a call at (877)-365-0040 to receive your free, no-obligation consultation. It is always best to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer first, even if you are unsure of who’s at fault. Insurance companies have teams of highly-skilled legal experts working around the clock to protect their interests—you need quality representation to make sure they pay their fair share.

Of course, no one plans to cause or be involved in an accident—it just something that happens. It is always best to take preventative measures, like always wearing your seatbelt, never texting while driving, and never drive while intoxicated or overly tired. However, when things go wrong despite proper precautions, it’s time to call on our team of dedicated Chicago car accident lawyers at Shea Law Group.