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Understanding What Chicago Injury Attorneys Do

If You Become Injured

If you or someone you love is injured due to someone else’s negligent behavior, whether it is an individual or a large corporation, you not only have a right – you have a duty to pursue legal action. For instance, if your child is injured by a defective toy, and you do nothing more than have your child treated at the doctor’s office, the toy manufacturer will continue to place that particular toy on the market.

However, if you pursue a claim against the manufacturer, you may force a recall or redesign of the dangerous toy. This action may prevent other children from sustaining the same or a potentially more serious injury.

Chicago Injury Attorneys

Many people do not fully understand what an injury attorney does.  Yes, attorneys file lawsuits in order to earn compensation for their clients and to make a living for themselves. However, they also perform a service to the public. When a lawsuit is filed, especially against a public entity or corporation, it often stops that entity from continuing the practices that caused the original injury, potentially saving others pain and suffering.

For instance, if a hazardous situation exists near a construction site in downtown Chicago, and someone becomes injured by a small piece of falling debris, an injury attorney may file a claim for that individual. Upon further investigation, due to the claim, it may be found that there is inadequate protection for the public and more serious injuries may be avoided in the future by the situation being brought to light.

Chicago injury attorneys are a dedicated group of legal experts who not only protect the financial future of accident victims but who also provide protection for others who will never know they were potentially in danger.

Shea Law Group

Injuries are an unfortunate part of life. If you trip on your own two feet, and it was no one’s fault but your own, you tend to be more careful and hopefully, you won’t do it again. However, if you or someone you care about becomes injured due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you may have a right to compensation.  You may further have a duty to seek compensation in order to put a stop to the behavior or conditions that caused the injury.

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