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Unjustified Falls & Other Injuries

Nursing Home Care

When a family member is admitted to a nursing home, it is expected that their health will be ensured and the proper care taken to extend their life. Nursing homes are responsible for their patients’ wellbeing, which means they are responsible for nurturing them and helping them in every way they can.

Unfortunately, the staff members in nursing homes are not always trustworthy caretakers, and the elderly residents living there suffer from daily neglect, improper care, and even abuse. Often these patients require help with basic needs, such as walking up or down stairs, going to the bathroom, or even standing from a chair. Many elderly individuals live with chronic conditions that can hamper their abilities to care for themselves, and old age weakens the body, making these people more vulnerable to accidents and abuse.

Falls and Other Injuries

Falls in nursing homes are common and often unjustified, and frequently result in serious injury. Falls can happen anywhere, especially for individuals who have trouble walking and standing on their own.

Falls are preventable occurrences. They happen when a patient is either not being looked after, and therefore may try to do things on their own that they cannot easily accomplish, or when a patient is suffering from outright neglect or abuse. Other causes may include bad lighting or slippery floors, improper shoes or foot care, and medication.

It is common for a stumble or minor fall to result in serious injury for residents in nursing homes, simply because older people typically suffer from fragile bones and other health problems. Such injuries may lead to further medical issues, including bedsores from lack of activity when confined to a hospital bed to heal a fracture, or depression caused from lack of mobility and/or isolation.

Unfortunately, falls are not the only injury risk faced by nursing home patients. Many other accidents happen which can leave behind permanent damage, and even cause death. Some examples are burns (e.g. from immersion in water that is too hot), clogged breathing tubes, and choking. These are all issues which can be avoided if a patient is properly supervised and cared for. Any kind of injury sustained in a nursing home can cause immediate death, or infection which may lead to death. These injuries are almost always preventable.

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Nursing homes must uphold the responsibility of taking care of their residents, and when they don’t, the consequences can be devastating. If you believe your loved one has suffered or died as the result of an injury or accident sustained in a nursing home, you and your family may be entitled to compensation.

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