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Waukegan Workers Compensation Lawyer

Shea Law Group’s workers’ compensation attorneys have assisted thousands of clients recover both medically and financially from their work-related injury claims.  If a worker is injured on the job, under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers at Shea Law Group fight for the rights of the plaintiffs in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  Shea Law Group will work quickly to ensure that its clients’ claims are filed in order for them to begin receiving their benefits.  That way, while their workers’ compensation claims are being resolved, the clients are able to receive two-thirds of their pay.  Furthermore, once their workers’ compensation claims have been filed and the clients have begun to recover from their injuries, their medical bills will be paid in full. The workers’ compensation lawyers at Shea Law Group have more than 60 years of shared experience providing clients with the care and legal attention they deserve.  It is no wonder that the aggressive workers’ compensation attorneys at Shea Law Group are the first choice of Waukegan residents.


Waukegan Workers Compensation


Shea Law Group knows that in the event Waukegan, Illinois residents have a workers’ compensation injury, or if they have a family member who has experienced a workers’ compensation accident, they will need the highly experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Shea Law Group.  We are able to focus completely upon the clients’ workers compensation claims.  After the clients’ workers’ compensation claims are filed with the commission, Shea Law Group is prepared to confer with medical specialists and experts in order to accurately quantify the clients’ injuries and recovery amounts.  Shea Law Group is known to be completely dedicated to improving their Waukegan clients’ lives by seeing their cases through to positive resolutions.  Further, the aggressive workers’ compensation lawyers at Shea Law Group are known for recovering millions of dollars for clients.  Shea Law Group will carefully consider the physical anguish, emotional worry and financial stress that their Waukegan clients are experiencing and do whatever they can to help them navigate the difficult workers’ compensation procedure as efficiently as possible.


Waukegan Workers Compensation Attorney

The workers’ compensation attorneys at the Chicago-based Shea Law Group know exactly the challenges its clients are facing, and they will do all they can to prevent any delays in order for their clients to obtain the compensation they are entitled to receiving.  Until the workers’ compensation client is compensated for a work-related injury or accident, Shea Law Group’s representation costs them nothing.  To learn more about how to get the legal advice from the firm who can help, call Shea Law Group at: 1-877-365-0040 to speak to a Waukegan personal injury lawyer.  Your first consultation is FREE.