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Were You Involved in an Accident as a Lyft Passenger?

Published on April 8th, 2021

Being in an auto accident can be scary, especially so if it’s a ridesharing accident and you’re the passenger. If you’re injured in a Chicago Lyft accident, we recommend you seek compensation with an experienced Lyft accident lawyer here in Chicago. You may end up with expensive medical bills or be forced out of work due to your injuries. In these cases, the personal injury lawyers at Shea Law Group will help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Steps to Take if You’re Injured in a Lyft Accident

If an accident happens while you’re a passenger in a Lyft vehicle, make sure to take control of the situation. Treat it as you would any other accident.

  • If you or anyone involved is injured, call 911.
  • Injuries or not, contact the police and request a police report.
  • Write down the driver’s names and contact information.
  • Gather the driver’s personal insurance information.
  • Contact Lyft and inform them that you were a passenger during an accident.

Determining who is at fault for the accident is a difficult process when involving rideshare companies. Even if it seems obvious who is at fault, it’s impossible to know at the scene. Insurance coverage isn’t the same with Lyft vehicles. Depending on the situation, the Lyft driver, another driver, or Lyft’s insurance company might be responsible for your compensation. For these reasons, we highly recommend using Chicago’s #1 Lyft accident lawyers at Shea Law Group.

How to Get Compensated After a Lyft Accident

As a passenger in a Lyft accident, you should be able to seek compensation for your injuries. Lyft provides up to $1 million under their insurance plans for personal injuries and property damages. Filing a claim is not something you should do alone. The personal injury lawyers at Shea Law Group know how to navigate these claims and understand all the ways insurance companies attempt to prevent paying out personal injury claims.

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