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What Season Has the Most Car Accidents?

Published on August 3rd, 2018

Summertime and car accidents may not sound like they go hand-in-hand, but they do. In fact, our personal injury lawyers in Chicago know from firsthand experience that the amount of car accidents that occur in the summer is higher than the amount that occurs in the winter.Here are some common reasons why car accidents increase in the summer.

  • Drivers Entering/Leaving the City

The roads are often much more congested in the summer due to the simple fact that the number of people on them increases. Vacationers from out of town who don’t know the city very well can become impatient and more aggressive on the road. Likewise, Chicago natives may become irritated when traffic is more congested with drivers who don’t know where they’re going. Factor in extra travel time whenever you need to drive anywhere.

  • More Teen Drivers

Inexperienced teen drivers aren’t occupied by school, meaning they are likely spending more of their time on the road. If your teen has been in an accident, make sure to contact our personal injury lawyers in Chicago as soon as possible.

  • Tire Blowouts

Did you know that the hot weather can cause the air inside of your tires to expand? This can lead to unexpected tire blowouts in your wheels, leading to accidents on the road. If there is a heat wave, make sure to check your tires to ensure they are functioning properly and show no signs of potential danger.

Winter may be associated with car accidents, but they are common in the summer as well. If you or a loved one has been in an accident, contact our personal injury lawyers in Chicago.

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