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What to Do If You Are Bitten By a Dog

Published on December 9th, 2010

Dog bites can be very serious—spreading disease and other illnesses—and need to be treated right away. You need to contact a doctor immediately after a dog bite. Once the situation is stabilized, your next step should be to contact a dog bite lawyer.

  • First, make sure you know what dog bit you. If it was a stray dog, you’ll need to be tested for rabies. If the dog has an owner, let them know what happened right away. America’s law on dog bites states that the owner of the dog has the responsibility of paying full compensation to the victim of the dog bite.
  • Before you start dealing with an injury lawyer, you’ll want to get medical attention for the dog bite. A lot of dog bite victims will need stitches for their wounds. Follow your doctor’s orders and be sure to take any medication that you may receive.
  • After receiving medical attention, you’ll want to contact your personal injury lawyer to begin working on the legal issues.
    • Once you’ve identified the dog that bit you, make sure to copy down the owner’s name, address, and telephone number.
    • Get the same information from any witnesses that may have seen the incident.
    • You’ll also need to take pictures of your wounds and the clothing you were wearing when the bite occurred.
    • Share all of this information with your personal injury attorney at the beginning of your consultation.

If you have been bitten by a dog and are seeking legal help, you should contact one of our personal injury lawyers here at Shea Law Group.

Our professional and friendly team of experienced attorneys is available to get you the compensation that you deserve. At Shea Law Group, we know how scary and confusing this time is, so we want to help make things as smoothly as possible, while getting you the money you deserve for your injury.


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