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A Guide to Product Liability Laws

Published on April 11th, 2011

If you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury due to a poorly designed or manufactured product, then you might want to familiarize yourself with product liability laws because you may be entitled to benefits. Need more clarification? Read further for more details.


Product liability deals with the responsibility of any party along the chain of manufacture to create, market, and sell a product that is safe and as advertised. If the product in question exhibits defects that injure the consumer or someone to whom that product is loaned or given, then all parties along the chain of manufacture are liable.

Specifics You Should Be Aware Of

  • Those along the chain of manufacture include the product’s designer, the component and assembling manufacturers, and the wholesale and retail sellers. If a defect can be proven to exist, then all of these parties can be considered as liable for any injury incurred and are subject to suit.
  • Though products are most commonly considered to be physical property, products can also include gas, pets, real estate, and written material.
  • Personal injury claims can be based on the negligence, strict liability, or warranty breach. Claims can be made in response to a design flaw (this implies an inherent defect in the product and any replication of said product), a manufacturing defect or glitch (this occurs during the construction of the item and typically only affects a selection of the entire product line), and marketing negligence (this involves improperly expressed instructions or failures to warn consumers of dangerous aspects about the product that may cause them injury).

If you think any of the above applies to a personal injury you may have experienced, then you may benefit from a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. At Shea Law Group, you’ll find that Our attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and have experience handling a wide range of cases that include auto accidents, dog bites, and premise liability, among others. Feel free to take a look at our practice areas for a better understanding of what we do, and contact us today regarding your personal injury claim!


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