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Losing a significant individual in your life is one of the most difficult scenarios to navigate, but these feelings of loss and difficulty are maximized when someone else’s negligence resulted in death. In this case, surviving family members may sue on the grounds of wrongful death. Our team at Shea Law Group knows the devastation that you feel during this time so trust that we will help you navigate through every step of the way.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Chicago

What is Wrongful Death?

It’s important to understand the specifics of wrongful death to understand whether or not you have the grounds for a lawsuit. Wrongful death occurs when someone dies due to someone else’s negligence or misconduct. In some wrongful death cases, there is a criminal prosecution that is also linked to the fatality, however, wrongful death lawsuits are separate from criminal charges.

There are many different scenarios that could result in a wrongful death lawsuit, including medical malpractice, criminal activities, manufacturing defects, car accidents, or toxic torts.

Wrongful Death Practice Areas

Following is a list of some of the more common ways a person’s negligence can lead to death:

  • Pharmaceutical errors with prescription drugs
  • Reckless driving
  • Anesthesiologist mistakes
  • Drunk driving accident
  • Surgical error
  • Bicycle accident
  • Nursing home negligence or neglect
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Chiropractor negligence
  • Missed diagnosis
  • Employer safety negligence
  • Truck accident
  • Construction accident
  • Injuries obtained on the job site

How Wrongful Death Claims Work

A relative or a loved one of the victim will file the wrongful death suit on the behalf of the deceased individual. This helps hold the defending party accountable for any emotional or financial losses that have occurred. Different states have different qualifications that need to be met in order to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In the state of Illinois, the wrongful death lawsuit needs to be brought up by a “personal representative” of the deceased individual, and the lawsuit needs to be filed within 1-2 years of the death. Our Chicago wrongful death attorneys will keep this time frame in mind when handling your case.

Have You Recently Lost a Loved One Due to Wrongful Death?

Losing a loved one can be difficult enough without adding the layer of someone else’s negligence. When you are going through this situation, you need experienced lawyers who can help you file a wrongful death suit against the other party. Our experienced team of lawyers at Shea Law Group wants to make this experience as stress-free as possible so you can grieve for your loved one and move on with your life.

You Need to Move Fast with Our Attorneys in Chicago

If you are going through a wrongful death case, it’s more important than ever to move quickly. There are strict statutes of limitations in place to ensure people don’t file these cases without good cause and can obtain the proof they are looking for. Our experienced team of attorneys can help you determine if filing this type of case is appropriate. To ensure you don’t miss any important deadlines, it’s important to contact us immediately so we can start working on your case.

Our Lawyers Help You Get Proper Compensation in Chicago

Wrongful death suits are often difficult to navigate. It can be complex to determine how much compensation is appropriate. No amount of money can bring your loved one back and we recognize that. However, we have the necessary experience to help you evaluate your case and determine how much compensation you should get. Even though a large amount of money won’t heal your pain, it can help you deal with the loss of income and other issues that arise with the loss of a loved one.

Our Lawyers Handles Each Case with Sensitivity

We understand the death of a loved one is a sensitive time. When you lose a loved one unexpectedly, it takes even longer to process the grief and deal with the loss. Our Chicago wrongful death attorneys understand your pain and want to make this case as easy as possible on you. You may not feel like dealing with lawyers and a court case, but it’s important to take the right steps as soon as possible. When you work with our team, you won’t feel like you are being pressured for information. We handle every case with tact so you can feel more confident.


We Will Walk You Through Your Case

Most people have never dealt with a wrongful death suit before and aren’t sure where to even begin. Our team of lawyers has handled hundreds of similar cases, giving us the expertise to guide you through the process, from the initial filing through to the final hearing and judgment. We strive to give each family the personalized attention they deserve. You may have lost a loved one, but we will make you feel like we are a part of your family too. Our lawyers grieve with you while helping you maintain a clear head to ensure you make the right decisions.

Contact us today to schedule your wrongful death consultation. We will help you decide whether you should move forward with your case.

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