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Products Liability Lawyers Chicago

What is Products Liability?

The term product liability, also referred to as products liability, refers to holding all parties responsible in the manufacturing chain of any product that ultimately causes damage. From the manufacturer that produces the individual parts to the manufacturer that assembles the parts to the wholesaler and retailers, product liability encompasses many different parties. If inherently defect products cause harm to a consumer, the product would be the subject of a product liability lawsuit. Our Chicago product liability lawyers are equipped to help you navigate this potentially complicated area of law.

Types of Product Liability Claims

There are a variety of product liability claims that can be made, including:

  • Design Defects: Design defects occur during the initial stages of the manufacturing process, making them an inherent part of the overall product. These defects revolve around errors that were made in the initial design portion of the process, resulting in potential danger for those who receive the product. Liability surrounding design defects revolves around a foreseeable risk that occurred during the manufacturing stage.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Another type of defect occurs during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing defects typically only impact a handful of items versus design defects that impact every product that was produced. The manufacturer did not intend for these defects to occur and they happen regardless of the effort that the manufacturer puts forth to oversee the process.
  • Warning/Labeling Defects: Warning defects occur when the manufacturer of a product doesn’t include the proper warnings on the label of the product. This includes warning labels, descriptions, insufficient labeling, etc. Consumers may become seriously injured as the result of a warning or labeling defect.

Legal Representation

Our lawyers at Shea Law Group have been practicing for a combined 60 years and they have the expertise required to handle claims and lawsuits where clients in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area were victims of product liability defects. Our attorneys are recognized for successfully pursuing product liability claims by consumers who have been injured by defective or unsafe products. We are committed to fighting for appropriate compensation for the injuries, pain, suffering and lost wages of consumers who have been victimized by product liability defects. Further, the responsibility for a defective product rests with the sellers of the product, the product manufacturers, the component manufacturers, wholesalers and any retail stores that offer the products for sale to consumers.

Legal Representation

The product liability attorneys at Shea Law Group will aggressively pursue every opportunity to ensure that their clients receive the settlement and compensation to which they are entitled. Whether a person has sustained an injury from an electronic product, a toy, food, clothing, a medical device, over-the-counter or prescription drugs, appliances or office equipment, they are going to require the legal background and experience of product liability experts of the caliber of the lawyers practicing at Shea Law Group. Our attorneys are prepared to do all they can in order to resolve their cases promptly. We have been arguing for victims’ rights for many decades and we have been very effective in bringing product liability suits to favorable resolutions quickly, and attaining significant awards for our clients. Our product liability lawyers are highly regarded in the region for their ability to provide clients with the finest legal representation.

We Are Prepared To Take Your Case

The attorneys at Shea Law Group know that a product liability injury can affect all aspects of a client’s life. After an injury, a client may not be able to work to provide for their family or pay for the costs of their medical care. Our product liability attorneys appreciate the financial, emotional and physical consequences that a product liability injury exacts upon victims and their families. We are prepared to take your case from pre-suit to settlement and/or trial, and, until clients are properly compensated for their injuries, our representation for their products liability cases costs them nothing. For a free initial consultation, Shea Law Group can be reached at 877-909-1215.