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Shea Law Group recognizes the importance of safe driving and the potential risks involved. Even if you drive safely, bad weather, road dangers, and other drivers can make accidents more likely. Even responsible drivers can be involved in accidents caused by negligent drivers.

Our team of highly skilled auto accident attorneys in Chicago specializes in representing victims of motor vehicle accidents. We understand accidents can harm you. We are committed to getting you and your family the compensation you deserve.

Types of Vehicle Accidents

Shea Law Group has successfully represented clients in a wide range of vehicle accidents. Our car accident attorneys in Chicago can help with personal auto accidents, public transportation incidents, and rideshare services. They have the experience and knowledge to handle your case effectively. We also advocate for victims of drunk driving, hit and run, and accidents involving uninsured motorists.

Auto Accident Legal Representation

Auto Accident Injuries & Pain and Suffering

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries, ranging from minor fractures to severe brain injuries and internal bleeding. Our Chicago car accident lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve to fully recover from the short-term and long-term effects on your quality of life.

Car accidents can cause physical injuries and emotional pain. We know this can greatly affect your life. Even minor accidents can result in long-lasting psychological trauma that requires counseling or therapy. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for all aspects of your pain and suffering.

How Do You Determine Compensation?

Determining compensation for a vehicle accident can be a complex process, with many factors to consider. Our attorneys will work with you to understand the full extent of your injuries and financial losses, including property damage and medical bills. We also consider other factors, such as lost wages, future medical expenses related to your injury case, and the impact the accident has on your quality of life.

High-Quality Legal Representation

At Shea Law Group, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-tier legal representation. Our car accident lawyers in Chicago have years of experience in handling vehicle accident cases. Therefore, we thoroughly understand the complexities of the legal system.

Moreover, we know what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies who are focused on their bottom line. We will expertly present your case to prove fault and recover the damages you are entitled to.

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Unparalleled Legal Representation

At Shea Law Group, we help clients get the money they deserve after a car crash. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that an accident can take. That is why we work tirelessly to ensure you receive the support and compensation you need to recover fully.

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Time is of the Essence

Taking prompt action is crucial for the success of your case. Acting quickly is important due to the statute of limitations and to ensure you can prove fault and receive the compensation you deserve. Our Chicago auto accident lawyers offer free consultations, even at the hospital, and provide dedicated and compassionate service.

Call or reach out online to schedule your consultation, so we can take care of the legal aspect while you prioritize your health.

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