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CTA Train Accidents in Chicago

Victimized by the Chicago Transit Authority?

Public transportation is a necessity for many living in Chicago and the surrounding areas. With that, the state of Illinois has the responsibility to provide a safe environment to all that ride. Whether you are riding the “L” or the Metra, you should feel comfortable that you will not be involved in an accident while riding on the train.

Unfortunately, like all transportation, there are risks involved. Trains can be involved in collisions, just like cars and busses. If you are a victim to one of these accidents, you will need experienced lawyers in Chicago to represent you. Shea Law Group will be able to pursue a claim against the party who wronged you.

What Should I Do Next?

After being involved in a train accident in Chicago, contact Shea Law Group. We have the experience and knowledge to represent you or a loved one who is entitled to compensation. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers are here to help.

Train accidents, though less common than car accidents, can cause much more severe injuries due to several factors. Seat belts are often not available, and, in the case of the CTA, derailments will often be with another train. Injuries, and even death, can occur in the event of a train accident. You should never have to be in this situation, but if you are, know that there are courses of action we can take to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Any type of injury you acquire due to a CTA accident is not your fault. The drivers, and the Chicago Transit Authority, have a duty to the riders to keep them safe. Shea Law Group will work diligently on your case to make sure we get you the largest settlement possible. When you are injured, damages include lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation, and more. While we cannot undo the trauma you or a loved one has experienced, the damages you receive can hopefully relieve some of the stress this ordeal has caused.

Contact our Lawyers Now!

At Shea Law Group, we do not rest until you receive the compensation you deserve. Injuries stemming from a train accident are often severe and/or traumatic; recovery can take months, or even years. During this time, you should not have to worry about medical expenses or attempting to recover damages yourself. Contact Shea Law Group at 1-877-365-0040 for a free consultation regarding your injuries stemming from an accident with the CTA.