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Food Poisoning

Food Contamination

Personal injury is not always relegated to broken bones or whiplash. Food poisoning is often an issue of personal injury due to health violations and carelessness on the part of the food industry. Foodborne illnesses can cause minimal harm such as stomach upset, but certain bacteria can be the source of serious illness and significant medical bills.

Unfortunately, the food industry is always looking to save money, frequently ignoring the potential danger customers face due to their negligence and desire to cut costs. Large fast food corporations, grocery stores, manufacturers, and even your neighborhood deli might be taking chances with consumers’ health in order to make more money. When situations like this occur, illness and contamination often follow.

Food Manufacturer and Distributor Liability

There are different reasons behind the sources of food poisoning, from breach of warranty to outright negligence.

When a company keeps food past the expiration date, doesn’t maintain a clean prep space, fails to adequately cook food before serving it, or otherwise neglects the necessary precautions to make certain fare is safe for consumption, the company is liable for any resulting food poisoning which may occur. When a restaurant or distributor fails to handle food with reasonable care, causing consumers to become ill, they are negligent.

Strict liability is different from negligence in food poisoning lawsuits-as all restaurants and food distributors are responsible for following strict liability laws in order to protect consumers. Strict liability means a person who gets sick from eating contaminated food must simply prove the food was unsuitable for distribution. Everyone in the distribution chain, from the manufacturer to the processor to the retailer, who brought this food to the consumer, may be held liable in a case like this.

A breach of warranty case is made when a food product cannot be held up to the stated quality and minimal safety guarantees made by the manufacturer or distributor. In other words, if a food product causes a consumer to become ill, it may be considered a breach of warranty if the item failed to meet with certain standards initially promised by the company.

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