Dog Bite Infections

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Infections form by bacteria getting into open wounds. Infections from dog bites differ from those of other wounds due to the fact that dogs carry bacteria that involve living organisms. When a person is attacked and bitten by a dog, severe infection can form in the laceration that requires immediate medical attention to either prevent an infection from forming or to properly treat an infection that is already in process of developing. The dog owner is responsible for any medical bills that accrue from the victim being attacked.

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How Infections From Dog Bites Form

Dogs’ saliva contains bacteria and other living organisms that transfer into the victim’s punctured skin at the time of being bitten. Though it is absolutely recommended and necessary to immediately clean the open wound with warm water and antibacterial soap, it is very difficult to remove all of the bacteria from the wound especially if the dog bit has punctured several layers of skin, deeply affecting tissue. If the victim does develop a serious infection due to being bitten, it is fully the dog owner’s responsibility to cover all medical expenses and even compensation for emotional scarring from dealing with the pain and suffering of the attack.

From being bitten by a dog, the victim could develop rabies or other serious infections like that of pasteurellosis which is an infection that forms in the tissue and can spread rather quickly to the muscles – and even more dangerously, to the bone. Pasteurellosis is one of the most common types of infections that can form as a result of a dog bite and is also one of the most dangerous infections that can develop. It must be treated immediately upon detection, as does any infection that may form.

Other forms of infections include staph and strep infections. As with any infection, if not treated quickly and properly, it can turn into a dangerous infection in a blink of an eye. Do not fear what can happen if not treated – the bottom line is if you get any bite checked out by a medical professional immediately after being bitter, you can be treated and stop an infection before it gets worse. Usually, antibiotics are the only course of action needed to treat an infection.

On rare instances, a certain infection can develop known as capnocytophaga. This infection is so dangerous that it needs to be treated as quickly as possible once found to be in the victim’s system. It kills three out of every ten people that contract this dangerous infection. As you can conclude, not dog bite should be taken lightly and needs to be examined by a medical professional right after being bitten. It is not worth getting dangerously ill to realize there is a problem. It’s absolutely better to be safe than sorry.

The Law

The law states that if an infection develops in the victim due to a dog bite, the owner is required by Illinois law to monetarily cover all medical expenses and pain and suffering. To determine if you qualify and learn how Illinois Law protects you from dog bites, you will need to speak with one of our experienced Chicago personal injury attorneys. You have rights and should be protected from the best – Shea Law Group.

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