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Traumatic Amputation

The term amputation refers to the surgical or traumatic separation of an appendage or limb from the body. Traumatic amputations are never planned and are the result of some type of accidental injury. More than 30,000 amputations of this type occur in the United States every year.

Traumatic amputation may involve any extremity, including fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs, or ears. Traffic accidents (including trains, motorcycles, and bicycles) are by far the number one cause of traumatic amputations, followed by workplace injuries, agricultural accidents (including lawnmowers), and firearms, explosives, and fireworks injuries.


More than 80 percent of amputation victims are male, and most amputations occur to people between the ages of 15 and 40. The most common amputation injury is partial hand amputation, with the loss of one or more fingers. In fact, 70 percent of all amputation injuries involve the upper extremities.

Because most traumatic amputations occur due to a vehicular accident or on the jobsite, there is a great likelihood that the injured party is also a personal injury victim. In other words, the individual sustaining the injury has been injured due to no fault of his or her own, and may have a right to compensation.

Consequences of an Amputation Injury

First and foremost, any amputation injury will likely entail surgical intervention, hospitalization, and probable therapy—both physical and psychological. This type of injury can have a life-altering impact on the physical activities the victim will be able to participate in, depending on the site of the amputation and whether or not their rehabilitation is successful. Furthermore, more than 20 percent of individuals who suffer a lower limb amputation are readmitted to the hospital with complications within 30 days.

Any serious injury can cause emotional harm as well as physical distress. However, an amputation injury is particularly disturbing to the victim. The injury results in a physical deformity which is usually visible to others. This may cause the injured person to withdraw from social activities, refrain from intimacy, and ultimately suffer from bouts of depression.

No less important than the physical and emotional aspects of this type of injury, is the financial impact an amputation injury can cause. Mounting medical expenses coupled with the inability to work would spell financial disaster for almost anyone.

Help is Available

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