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Dog Bite Injury

Chicago Animal & Dog Bite Attorneys

Studies show that dogs bite close to five million people every year, including thousands in the Chicago area. Children are the most common dog bite victims, often being bitten in the face. Whether you have recently been bitten by a dog, or your child has been bitten, the Chicago dog bite attorneys at SHEA LAW GROUP have the resources to help you obtain compensation for you or your child’s injuries.

In the State of Illinois, a victim can bring a claim against an owner of any animal for their injuries — regardless of whether they were caused by a bite and without proving negligence on the part of the owner. Additionally, a victim can recover from other potential sources, such as the company that insured the premises where the dog attack occurred.

A person with injuries due to a dog attack can recover damages against the owner of the dog if it is proved that:

  • the injury was caused by the dog,
  • the defendant was the owner or caretaker of the dog,
  • the dog was not provoked by the injured person,
  • the injured person, at the time of the injury, was acting peacefully, and
  • the injured person was legally allowed to be where they were at the time of the injury.

Vicious Dogs And Dangerous Dogs

Vicious dogs must be in a fenced enclosure or structure that prevents young children from entering and prevents the animal from escaping. A vicious dog is one that when unprovoked, attacks or bites a person or other domestic animal or is naturally inclined to attack without provocation. A “dangerous dog” is any dog that when unattended by its owner or unmuzzled, approaches a person in a terrorizing or vicious manner with an apparent purpose of attack.

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, contact the Chicago Animal Attorneys at SHEA LAW GROUP for a consultation at 1-877-365-0040 or contact us online.

Dog Bite Results

$300,000 5-year-old girl suffered a bite to her chest from a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid at trial after jury selection)

$205,000 14-year-old-boy suffered bites and scarring to his left hand from a pit bull

$175,000 23-year-old woman bitten on the palm by a pit bull

$143,000 23-year-old woman bitten on the ear by a German shepherd

$131,000 16-year-old girl bitten on her right arm and forearm by a pit bull

$125,000 6-year-old girl bitten on her scalp by a beagle basset hound

$100,000 10-year-old girl bitten on the face by a husky (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 12-year-old girl bitten on the face by a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 9-year-old girl suffered permanent scarring to her arms and stomach when attacked by a German Sheppard (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 5-year-old boy bitten on his head, left ear, thumb and fingers by a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid)

$100,000 4-year-old girl suffered bites and scarring to her cheek and lip by a pit bull (insurance policy limits paid)