Scarring Caused by Dog Bites

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Scarring is defined as a mark left on the skin by the healing of injured tissue. Scarring from dog bites or from dog clawing is the most common reminder left on a victim’s body after being attacked. The size of the dog bite is dependent on a few factors: how big the dog is, where on the body the dog attacked, and how many times the dog bit the victim. A bite can be as small as a small rupture in the skin to a large wound that breaks skin at a deep level, requiring medical attention that involves stitches or in some cases, surgery to repair and heal.

Scarring is an irreparable reminder of a scary situation

Though you may have received the best medical attention that can be offered, physical and emotional scarring can never be erased. If one has been bit anywhere on the face, it is incredibly difficult to minimize scarring due to all the delicate, thin layers of skin on this area of the body. Not only that, the face is visible for everyone to see and one will be reminded of the trauma he or she endured every time they look in the mirror.

If someone has been bit or clawed anywhere around the eyes, lips, or nose, it can compromise any of the vital senses we use every day like eyesight, talking or eating, or even breathing properly. In addition to scarring, the victim of a dog bite can develop keloids, which are areas of the skin that were wounded by a dog attack where added scar tissue manifests and causes the victim’s appearance to become further damaged .

Expenses can drag out and become increasingly unbearable if the victim of a dog attack needs multiple surgeries or treatments to minimize scarring and/or keloids, properly treat unhealed infections, or to repair intense tissue damage of the skin. Surgeries that involve muscle grafting, tissue rearrangement, and skin grafting may be required to repair muscles for movement, repair damage done to the victim’s face, and to remove scarring caused by dog bites.

Emotional Damage

The emotional damage that takes place after being attacked by an untamed dog is unimaginable. The emotional scars go much deeper than the physical scars and last a lifetime. The emotional toll from countless procedures to repair the damage combined with the stacking bills from the treatments continues to mount. In cases such as these, we do our best to protect our clients and make sure they are properly compensated for damages that are from disfigurement.

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