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Tips for Responding to an Unleashed and Aggressive Dog

Published on June 14th, 2013

Even though you can’t control how dog owners restrain or train their animals, you can control your actions when it comes to dealing with an aggressive dog. By learning how to respond in a dangerous situation, you’ll be better able to avoid a serious dog bite injury. Here are three tips to help you react to an aggressive, unleashed dog.

Stay calm and still

If you’re confronted by an aggressive dog, the last thing you want to do is make any sudden, alarming movements. Instead of running away from the animal in a panic, you should try to remain as calm and motionless as possible. Running may encourage the dog to chase after you, and it will most likely be able to easily catch up to you. If you are by yourself in this situation, remember to never turn your back on the aggressive dog. You will appear less threatening if you simply begin to slowly back away from the situation.

Avoid making eye contact

Looking at a dog directly in the eyes may send a signal to the animal that you are challenging its dominance. Avoid making eye contact, smiling, or using harsh sounding words. By speaking in soothing tones and avoiding eye contact, you can appear less threatening to the aggressive dog. The less of a threat you seem to be, the more likely the dog will be to leave you alone.

Enter a fetal position

If you are lying or sitting at ground level, you are in a very vulnerable position. To protect yourself from harm if the dog does approach you, curl up into a fetal position with your arms covering your head and your fingers tucked into a fist.

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